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DK Solutions Group was founded by Daniel Krasner, CIP. Daniel has a passion for recovery and helping families and individuals facing addiction.

Daniel Krasner, CIP - DK Solutions Group - Addiction Intervention - Recovery Support Services - Drug Rehab Treatment Placement

Daniel Krasner, CIP

I began my interventionist training in 2011 and received the designation of CIP (Certified Intervention Professional) in 2013.

While I had been working in the addiction treatment field since 2010, I knew I wanted to do more to help those suffering from substance abuse.

I could see how difficult it was for some families to get their loved ones into treatment, and I knew that my personal history in addiction recovery (sober since 2005) and my expert knowledge of the treatment field could be invaluable to families.

Driven by Passion

Experience and Education

One of the turning points for me came in 2011, when I was working with a highly educated family to help get their daughter to treatment. The daughter was unwilling to accept help, and because her family thought it best to wait until she wanted sobriety, they didn’t push too hard when she insisted on waiting a few weeks. Unfortunately, her story ended in tragedy before she could get to treatment.

This experience motivated me to get the additional education I needed to help me communicate more effectively with families who are battling addiction. I wanted to make sure that when I got off the phone with the loved one, they had a better understanding of the disease of addiction and also a clear plan of what to do next.

My education led me through several different intervention trainings taught by some of the most respected interventionists in the country. Since receiving certification in 2013, I have established DK Solutions Group (November 2014) and honed my skill in working with over 100 families who face addiction and its related issues. I have a passion for recovery and for helping families and those struggling with addiction realize that healing is possible and that a life in recovery can rich and fulfilling.

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DK Solutions Group - Addiction Intervention - Treatment Placement - Recovery Support
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