You’re struggling with addiction.

Each day, you have to plan when and how much you can use to get through the day and still make it to work on time. Your relationships are struggling. Your family is dependent on you, yet you know you need help.

How can you seek out drug and alcohol treatment while still supporting your family?

If you feel trapped by your financial situation, you’re not alone. Fortunately, getting treatment does not have to mean losing your job. It’s important for you to know your rights.

Do You Need to Leave Work to Get Treatment?

In some situations, you may be able to continue working through treatment. You might work with a counselor or mentor, begin 12-step meetings, or attend an outpatient treatment program. However, depending on the type and nature of your addiction, you may need to step away from family and work commitments to start the recovery process. If that’s the case, there is legal help available to give you some protections.

Called the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), this law provides workers with some protections when seeking out medical care for themselves or their immediate family members. It allows you to tell your boss that you need to take leave and not have to worry about losing your job or your benefits during that time. FMLA does not guarantee your salary. However, if you are eligible for FMLA with your employer, they are legally required to hold your position for you for the next 12 weeks. You will not lose your insurance or other benefits during that time.

Why Does This Matter for You During Recovery?

If you’re battling addiction, you may be facing numerous triggers. A trigger is any situation that causes stress or emotions that make you want to use. It’s not uncommon to encounter triggers at work.
That’s not to say that work has caused your addiction. Yet, that environment may be making it harder for you to stop using. By taking some time away, you gain several benefits:

  • You have more time to seek addiction treatment and counseling.
  • You can receive care for any type of co-occurring condition you may have, such as a mental health disorder.
  • You have time for inpatient addiction treatment, which can last from two weeks to 90 days.
  • Taking time to heal yourself may help you gain a new, healthier perspective on work and family obligations.

If you’re facing addiction, contact us. DK Solutions Group works closely with you to determine what type of care you need and how to get ongoing support and mentoring. With FMLA, you may be able to access the freedom and time you need to get help now.

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