How could you be an addict?

You work or go to school. You participate in your family’s activities. You don’t think alcohol or drugs are controlling you. Yet you have to have a drink each day; you find yourself pulled in by the thought of your next pill. Addiction does not look the same for everyone. In every community, there are high-functioning people who have an addiction problem. Could you be one of them?

Take a Moment to Ask: Why Do I Use Drugs or Alcohol?

Even if everyone around you is telling you that you have a drug problem, you may not believe it. How do you know if you are an addict? Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Why do you use drugs? Do they help you forget or “not feel” what’s happening in the rest of your life?
  • Do you turn to drugs or alcohol when you are facing stress?
  • If you don’t use for a few extra hours or even a full day, how do you feel? Does your body physically hurt? Do you struggle with fears or panic?
  • Are you embarrassed by how often you use?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol because you are afraid of thoughts or emotions that come up if you aren’t using?

If you answered these questions honestly, you probably already know whether you have a potential for addiction. If you suspect that you are dependent or addicted, you don’t have to feel guilt and shame about it. Help is available.

What Would Giving Up Drugs or Alcohol Do for You?

Consider what might change if you got treatment for substance use. Imagine the best-case scenario plays out. You stop using, you get help for your trauma or stress, and you move on with your life. What could this mean to you?

  • Your health will be protected.
  • Your family won’t worry so much about you.
  • Your finances won’t be drained by money spent on drugs and alcohol.
  • You won’t use up energy hiding your use.
  • You’ll feel free, knowing that you can deal with stressful life circumstances without substances.

For many people with an addiction, the thought of living substance-free seems impossible. But it isn’t. People enter treatment and recovery every day. Imagine the freedom and wellbeing you will feel in recovery, and return to that vision often. Change is possible.

What Are My Friends and Family Telling Me?

You don’t want to gauge your happiness or health using other people’s standards, and you shouldn’t make decisions for yourself based solely on what other people tell you. However, if the people you trust and love are expressing their concern about your substance use, consider what they are saying.

  • Are they upset that you’re not helping them at home or with shared responsibilities?
  • Are they worried about your health? Have you struggled with overdoses?
  • Do they tell you that you seem like a different person with your mood swings, your lack of interest in things you once enjoyed, your appearance?

Your family and friends know you better than anyone else, and if they are concerned, listen to their fears. If their questions make you feel defensive or angry, chances are you are already aware that you do in fact have a problem. Let loved ones support you as you face your situation and get help.

Then, Find the Help You Need

Exploring drug and alcohol treatment options with DK Solutions Group could be the life-changing step you need. Even if you are not sure that you need treatment, consider coming in for a one-on-one consultation. Talk about what’s happening and why. We can help you decide if and what kind of treatment you might need.

“Am I an addict?” It’s one of the hardest questions you may ask yourself. Yet, when you realize that life can be far better than it is right now, it makes sense to take the next step towards treatment and recovery.

For more information about intervention services offered by DK Solutions Group please call (601) 906-9024 or send us a secure online message.