Whatever complexities are in your life right now from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic–from being out of work to struggling with grief and fear–drug and alcohol use will only make things worse. If you find yourself just going through the motions each day, struggling with both addiction and depression, anxiety, or trauma, consider making a change. Your life can get better, even if it seems incredibly difficult right now.

Are You Struggling with Complex Emotions?

Even outside of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be dealing with intense hardships right now, some of which may be due to things you cannot control.

  • You’ve lost a loved one. You don’t know how you are going to move on.
  • You are battling domestic violence each day.
  • You have a past trauma that, if you don’t drink, repeatedly comes to mind.
  • You’re tired of working so hard and getting nowhere.
  • You lack a relationship that empowers, supports, and motivates you.

You drink or use drugs as a way to get through these hardships, even though you know your use is making everything worse. Are you ready to change?

Making the Decision to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment

First, consider a few facts about drug and alcohol treatment.

1. It is not anyone’s business but yours. Some people in your life will need to know about your absence, but you decide how much information you provide and to whom.

2. You do not always need detox and residential care to overcome your struggles. Outpatient treatment might provide enough support.

3. Your situation, no matter how complex, is not insurmountable.

4. Treatment can be affordable. Admissions counselors can help you figure out how to pay for treatment.

Treatment Can Help You Take Back Control

At the heart of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is the goal to retrain your body so that it can function without substances. If you have been using consistently, you probably cannot stop on your own or maintain sobriety. With treatment, you will gain resources and a community that can support your recovery. You will no longer have to:

  • Hide your drug use.
  • Miss your child’s events because you are high or drunk.
  • Miss out on family events.
  • Worry about your employer looking in your desk drawer.
  • Worry about running out of drugs or alcohol.

Treatment Helps You Reclaim Your Health

Consistent or heavy drug and alcohol use can cause sudden death. For those who use drugs and alcohol over the long term, the damage to your body and mental health creates a slow, steady decline. You’ll feel the pain of organ failure. You will lack energy. Your immune system will be compromised, which is especially dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic. You may even find yourself facing overdose.

Your body can heal from many of the complications from drug and alcohol use. You may find yourself ready to explore new opportunities to nurture your well-being, such as holistic treatment, exercise, eating healthy, and yoga. Getting treatment now can save your life.

Treatment Helps You Reduce Negative Thinking

One of the most important benefits of recovery is mental clarity. You’ll learn how much your negative thought patterns are causing your self-destruction. You’ll see how you talk yourself out of good health because you’re afraid of failure. You also will learn how to change this so you can achieve your goals.

Sit down and think about what you want for your future. Make a list of all you hope to accomplish and achieve if everything in your life went just the way you want it to. If you could do anything, what would you do?

When you make this list, realize that you have the ability to achieve most of those goals if you put down alcohol and drugs–and if you put down negative thinking. You can help yourself build a business, get back to school, build new relationships, and heal old ones. You can change the world or just live the simple, long life you desire.

Why Start Treatment Now?

If you’re thinking about getting drug and alcohol help, now is the time to reach out. Treatment facilities are considered essential services and have protocols in place to protect you from the COVID-19 coronavirus. At DK Solutions Group, we can help you find treatment and offer the comprehensive resources you need to reflect and heal.

For more information about intervention services offered by DK Solutions Group please call (601) 906-9024 or send us a secure online message.